Members: Heber Pampillon- (Guitar) Jimmy Berdine- (Drums) Joe Edwards- (Vocals) Chris Taylor- (Bass)

Label: Highway 9 Records

With a little bit of sleaze, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of good rock n’ roll attitude and drive, Atlanta-based rock band Kickin’ Valentina is fast becoming a favorite in rock venues and strip clubs around the southeastern US. The band was founded in late summer of 2012 by guitarist Heber Pampillon and drummer Jimmy Berdine. Bass player Chris Taylor and front man Joe Edwards completed the band’s line up in early 2013. The band is currently recording their debut album with indie label Highway 9 Records in Alpharetta, GA. The band is also planning a tour of rock clubs and festivals in eastern US cities and select South American and European dates later in 2013 trough 2014.

If your a fan of Marshall stacks and double kick drum attacks, if you’re a chick who loves hot licks, if you like your ROCK to RUMBLE like LOUD pipes, then get ready…Kickin’ Valentina is rolling into your town real soon, baby!